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This is where I will list the people in my genealogy which are causing me the greatest frustration. Any pointers or assistance would be greatly appreciated:

1. Thomas MAY [64] Born about 1814. Travelled to Australia in 1833. Married Sarah Ann CLUBB [65] 1843 in St James Church, Melbourne Australia.. In 1845 in Australia, he was a baker. In July 1849 he was living on Marabool Street, Geelong, Victoria. The family Bible (entry written 20 years after the fact) says he was lost at sea in 1854, though I now know that to be false, as the family arrived in New York intact in 1850 Thomas drops from view shortly after and sarah remarried probably around 1865. He may be the Thomas MAY who made a will in Brixham, Devonshire, in 1833.

2. Aaron Gershom PUCOVITZ (PUCHAVITCH, PARKER) [28] Born about February 1865 in Resein, Lithuania. Married Dobra UNKNOWN [29] 1885 in Resein, Lithuania. Emigrated to Boston about 1885. Naturalized 27 June 1891 in Boston, where he was a cobbler. Died June 1955.

3. Betsey WALLACE [43] - Married Phillip THOMPSON [42] between November 1859 and October 1860. They lived in Mooers, Clinton County, NY.

4. Thomas MEAD [46] - Born about 1833 in Ireland. Before 1870 he married Married Ellen UNKNOWN [47], who was born about 1835 in Ireland and died between 1 June 1870 and 1 May 1871. Thomas was a laborer in Adams, Berkshire County, MA in 1870.

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