Descandants of Patrick NASH and Margaret BANON
(Updated 9/21/97)

1. Patrick NASH - Born about 1821 in Bally-Cowhan, Limerick, Ireland. Married Margaret BANON. He was naturalized 15 November 1867 in Greenfield Superior Court. He was a brakeman. In 1865 he was of Cheapside, Deerfield, MA.

i. Thomas NASH - Born about 1851 in MA.

ii. James NASH - Born about 1854 in MA .

iii. Laurence NASH [2] - Born 17 October 1857 in Springfield, Hampden, MA

iv. John NASH - Born about 1860 in MA .

v. William NASH - Born about 1863 in MA .

vi. Michael NASH - Born about 1864 in MA .

vii. Richard NASH - Born 23 February 1866 in Deerfield, MA .

viii. Francis NASH - Born 1 October 1867 in Deerfield, MA .

ix. Catherine NASH - Born 1 March 1870 in Deerfield, MA . Known as "Hattie".

2. Laurence NASH Born 17 October 1857 in Springfield, Hampden, MA . Died before 1922 . Married Margaret Elizabeth MEAD [Picture]. Daughter of Thomas and Ellen MEAD of Ireland and Adams, Berkshire, MA, she was born in 1866 of 1867 in Massachusetts. In 1871 her name was changed to DOHERTY, and she was adopted by Mary F J DOHERTY of Pittsfield, MA. He was identified as a "Cutter" on his marriage certificate. Lived in Montague, Franklin, MA in 1900. Lived at #15 4th Street, Turners Falls, MA, in 1922 .

i. Mary Ellen NASH - Born November 1887 in Wisconsin.

ii. Margaret Agnes NASH [3] Born September 1890 in Springfield, Hampden, MA. Died 16 January 1967 in Montague, Franklin, MA. Buried in Springdale Cemetery, Montague, MA. Married William Andrew PATTERSON

iii. Alice Anna NASH Born 8 February 1900 in Montague, Franklin, MA. Died in Greenfield, Franklin, MA and buried in Montague, Franklin, MA. Married Harry BERNARD. She was a telephone operator.

iv. Patrick F NASH - Born September 1889 in Springfield, Hampden, MA.

v. Francis NASH - Born in Montague, Franklin, MA.

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