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The nature of my consulting business is that most of my writing is done anonomously, or in the name of the client. Other products are unpublishable because they are classified or proprietary. However, here are a few samples of my writing, to provide a small taste of my skills:


         Requirements for Deck-Edge Power for the SH-60 Helicopter on DDG-51 Class Ships

         In-Port Aircraft/Ship Training for LAMPS MK III, 1 August 1994

         An Application of the High Speed Multiplex System (HSMS) to the DDGX Combat System, 1 May 1980 (Written for Naval Sea Systems Command, Code 61R)

         Feasibility of Installing a Vertical Launching System in the FFG 7 Class, 15 December 1989 (Published as Veda, Incorporated, Report 23819-89U/P2419)

         Surface Warfare Analysis Office, Summary Report (January 1985 - December 1987) (Published as Naval Surface Warfare Center Report MP 87-374


         A Historical Perspective on Organizational Communications - Lee and his Lieutenants at Gettysburg (297KB, ZIP-ed PDF) [Download]

         Making the Horse Drink - Mechanisms of Change in Organizations and Individuals (47KB, ZIP-ed PDF) [Download]

         The Great Ships Pass - Book review published in the Naval Engineers' Journal.

         For The Love of an Australian Shepherd, ISBN 978-0-615-1960-6 Edited with Beth Alden; Published by ARPH, Inc, 2008. Available for purchase through


         Walk Like An Eagle, Talk Like An Eagle - February 1989 (4KB, HTML) [Read]

         Set Your Sails - March 1990 (6KB, HTML) [Read]

         Read The Label - April 1992 (7KB, HTML) [Read]

         Doing It The Hard Way - October 1992 (6KB, HTML) [Read]

         The International Scout - November 1992 (6KB, HTML) [Read]

         Troop 93 Farewell - May 1993 (7KB, HTML) [Read]

         Continuity Of The Eagle - January 1994 (5KB, HTML) [Read]

         A Kick In The Scout Pants - March 1994 (7KB, HTML) [Read]

         The Game Of Risks - October 1994 (7KB, HTML) [Read]

         Preparing For History - January 1995 (9KB, HTML) [Read]

         Heroes - July 1995 (9KB, HTML) [Read]

         Doing Your Best Is Not Good Enough - October 1996 (8KB, HTML) [Read]

         The Fire Builder - December 1996 (4KB, HTML) [Read]

         Multiplying Effect of Leadership - January 1998 (5KB, HTML) [Read]

Essays on Music

         My Roots In Community Banding [Read]

         Percussion - It's Not Just Boom - Crash [Read]

         Some Thoughts On A New Band Year [Read]

         The Professionalism Conundrum [Read]

         Pieces We Wish Someone Would Write For Community Band [Read]


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